Crow Hop Corners Baseball Outfield Drill

Crow Hop Corners

Purpose To practice using a crow hop to generate momentum for long distance throws. Drill Setup Divide your players into groups of fours. Have each foursome make a square shape with about

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On The Run Baseball Outfielder Drill

On The Run

Purpose To practice catching balls while on the run. Drill Setup Players form a single file line with their gloves on as shown. Coach has a bucket of baseballs and stands beside

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Distance PR

Purpose To help build arm strength and proper throwing mechanics. Players will learn to use their bodies to throw the ball farther. Drill Setup This drill is best performed on a football

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Take A Knee Drill

Purpose To practice proper fielding technique for medium-strength ground balls. Drill Setup Fielder should stand in the grassy outfield facing a coach who is 40 feet away. How it Works To begin the

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Drop Step Drill

Purpose To practice using a drop step to field pop flies and line drives Drill Setup Create a line of fielders (all with gloves) standing 20 feet away from the coach. Coach

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Small Sided Scrimmage

Purpose With kids under six, playing a scrimmage usually results in a lot of standing around, boredom, or goofing off.     This modified version allows you to get more game-like

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little league baseball drill

Behind the Back Catch Drill

During this video, you’ll learn about a little league baseball drill that will help your team work on agility and improved skill in the outfield. This little league baseball drill is

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